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Thursday. Bring a friend. Member of the Month

May 23, 2018

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Thursday. Bring a friend. Member of the Month

May 23, 2018

“Boat Race”
3 Rounds For Time:
500 Meter Row
400 Meter Run
Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds


If you have a friend coming please make sure to have them fill out the ONLINE WAIVER 


MURPH Saturday May 26th. The gym will open at 8am, first heat is at 8:30am. All athletes are welcome, we will go through the scaling options and have multiple options for you to choose from, for example you can do a partner Murph where you share the reps, you can do a 1/2 Murph you can also scale the run to a row/bike. We will go over the progressions for push ups/pull ups so that everyone will have option to participate regardless of ability level! 


Here is the HEAT LIST to get signed up for a heat. Please ask any of the coaches if you have any questions! 


Member of the Month: Susan Young 

Photo by Andrew & Tianna Photography 


What got you in to fitness?

-I got into fitness to have a healthily life style. I wanted to avoid sitting at home just watching TV and eating. This is a way for me to do something healthy and not be stagnant in life.


How do you find the time within your day to stick to a routine?

-I make the time to show up by planning ahead for the week, adjusting appointments and activities with my family to accommodate my workout schedule. Getting stronger and healthier is a big priority in my life and I make sure there is always time to work out.


What tips might you offer a beginner? Or someone that has been thinking about trying CrossFit but hasn’t committed yet?

-Don’t be afraid! CrossFit is adjustable to age, weight limitations and previous injuries. During my time with CrossFit I have had three surgeries (not CrossFit related) and I’ve always been able to adjust my workouts to allow me to heal up while still progressing in my overall fitness.


What is your current routine? If you have one.

-I go to CrossFit 3-4 times a week. At work I walk a mile during lunch about 3 times a week. My favorite day to work out is Saturday group workouts because they’re challenging, fun and a great bonding experience with my CrossFit family.


In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of exercise and why did you choose CrossFit over another method?

-I feel exercise is absolutely essential to both mental and physical health. If you have a bad day you can take it out on the bar and feel better after you are done.

I choose CrossFit over other methods because of the comradery. Cheering for the last person who still needs to complete a WOD or encouraging a member to hit a heavy lift creates a very positive, welcoming environment at the box and I love that about CrossFit. The people and the coaching make CrossFit a great place to improve.



What kind of results have you seen?

-I have seen my strength increase tremendously. When I started CrossFit, I couldn’t clean and jerk over 55#s but just hit 110#s. My deadlift went from around 150#s to 250#s. I can now run a mile three minutes faster than when I started and I continue to improve steadily. On top of all that, I feel happier and healthier and I get excited to come WOD and see everyone.


How has being a member of CrossFit Unrivaled helped you on your fitness journey?

-Before moving to Chesapeake in June last year we contacted a friend in the area who recommended Unrivaled. I had been doing CrossFit in Detroit for a couple of years and wanted to continue my journey. Just a week after I moved to Chesapeake, I walked into CrossFit Unrivaled and Jackie was there welcoming me with open arms. I have met many wonderful people who I am happy to call my friends. The environment I have been surrounded by has been incredibly beneficial to my progress. I don’t think I would’ve gotten most of the improvements I made since moving if I were just working out in a gym by myself. The support from everyone and the amazing coaching help me make steady progress and I feel like I’m at home at Unrivaled.





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