Drew Kastelic

Drew Kastelic

Owner / Head Coach

Fran: 2:30

Squat: 425

Deadlift: 525

Clean & Jerk: 325

Snatch: 265

2k Row: 6:36


B.S. in Exercise Science

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

ISSA Personal Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

Aerobic Capacity Certificate

CrossFit Endurance Certificate

Football Certificate

CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate

Kelly Starrett Mobility Certificate

CrossFit Running Course Certificate

CrossFit Weightlifting Certificate

About Coach

Like many kids I grew up around, I played nearly every sport that my parents would allow me to play. What I didn't learn in nearly 20 years of high school and amateur-level sports is the real meaning of "health and wellness". Taking the dive into CrossFit while on active duty overseas, I quickly learned there was a whole new world to explore. Not only in my own fitness but my knowledge of the human body and how it moves.

Turning Point

Not long after starting my CrossFit journey in 2008, while trying to improve my own fitness by learning everything I could by attending every seminar and clinic I could, I quickly found a passion for teaching others while on a deployment in 2009. I returned and quickly sought out my Personal Training and CrossFit Trainer Certifications. Since then, I've only expanded my knowledge of the human body by pursuing my B.S. in Exercise Science and attending far more seminars where I could bring that knowledge back and better my clients and their training.

Motivation & Passion

To truly be a "GREAT COACH", you have to give a shit. Not just about the person; what they're going through both physically and mentally, but also how well they move. Can it be better? Then let's work on it. I take both pride and joy out of training the most experienced and gifted athletes in their sports, and at the same time the middle-aged mom of three who is over the moon about her 40lbs lost with me and now competes in local triathlons and other measures of fitness. Getting people to find their true potential both physically and mentally is truly rewarding as you watch the old person fade into the past and this new confidence emerges from within.

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