CrossFit Memberships

You will have full access to all of our classes as well as open gym. We have an open gym area that is always accessible when the gym is open, as well as five lifting platforms that can be utilized at any time. We offer ROM-WOD (range of motion class), as well as a weightlifting class that we offer at two different times during the week. We offer a kid room where the kids can play and watch a movie in a safe place, off the gym floor. We also offer a changing room and a shower seperate from our bathrooms. 

Month-to-Month: This means that you are able to cancel at any time before our 10 day notification period, without penalty. We require at least a 10 day notice for any changes to a membership, if you are out of the 10 day window you will be responsible for the following month of membership payment. 

Yearly:  This means that you are signing a 12 month contract, anything cancelled within a 12 month period will still need a 10 day notice, plus a $200 cancellation fee. 

Weightlifting Membership

Our 'weightlifting only' membership gives you complete access to the entire open gym and lifting platform area. You will receive programming from our USA Weightlifting Sports & Performance Coach, Drew. And will be lifting under our USAW Club: Unrivaled Weightlifting. 

We offer five lifting platforms, competition plates and bars, low blocks and access to all other equipment for accessory work. 

CrossFit Kids Program

We offer a year-round CrossFit Kids class on Saturday morning at 9am. This class is for children ages 5 to 9. Our mission is to make fitness fun, give the children a fun and inviting way to workout so they develop a healthy relationship with fitness. 

We also offer CrossFit Teens and Preschool CrossFit, both during the summer months with small sessions mixed into the school year. If you have a teen interested in starting CrossFit and they are over the age of 13, you can speak with one of our CrossFit Kids Coaches to assess their level and possible participation in our regular classes. Our CrossFit Kids Coaches are April, Jackie and Drew. 


Monthly Auto for Current Members $40

Month-to-Month for Current Members $45

Month-to-Month for Non Members $50